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Web Hosting Control Panel

Impulse Web Solutions uses Parallels Plesk Control Panel. This advanced control panel allows you to easily manage your web site through a web browser. Plesk enables you to administer users, check site status, edit site properties, view vital statistics, manage bandwidth, control disk usage and much more ! By clicking a few buttons, you can create e-mail accounts, change passwords, install discussion forums etc.

Plesk VPS Hosting India Why wait for support team to set-up the features you want? With other hosts you submit support requests and wait for several hours for a solution. With Parallels Plesk you can manage your account yourself and make changes instantly in real-time. Get rid of the time factor involved in support requests and take control of your hosting account now.

Here are some of the features of our control panel:

- Add/Edit/Delete FTP Accounts
- Add/Edit/Delete Email Accounts
- Change Password/Profile
- View/Manage their IIS Domains
- Add/Edit/Delete Folders & Files
- Upload Files, Folders
- View Disk Usage Reports
- View Bandwidth Reports
- Add/Edit/Delete ODBC DSN Entries
- Manage SQL Databases
- Manage DNS Records
- Manage JSP/Servlets (Tomcat)
- View Web Statistics
- Manage FrontPage Extensions
- Start/Stop Index Server Catalogs
- Enable/Disable Scripting (Perl,PHP)
- Register/Unregister COM Components
- Install Apps (Form-mail, Poll, Forum etc)
- Receive Account Activity Reports

Infrastructure :

Datacenter Information
Network Information
Control Panel (features)
Spam & Virus protection
Server Architecture

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